Westone W80 Gen 2 with Bluetooth Cable V2
Westone W80 Gen 2 with Bluetooth Cable V2
Westone W80 Gen 2 with Bluetooth Cable V2
Westone W80 Gen 2 with Bluetooth Cable V2
Westone W80 Gen 2 with Bluetooth Cable V2

Westone W80 Gen 2 with Bluetooth Cable V2

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New Westone W80

The W80 Signature universal earphone is the pinnacle of Westone innovation.

The W80 provides the most articulate sound signature with an amplified soundstage, low noise floor, and immaculate frequency response well past 20kHz.

Everything about the W80 embodies luxury, from the packaging, multiple cases, and cables at a price inline with our competition and obtainable for the serious listener.

8 Proprietary drivers

  • – Dual Lows
  • – Dual Mids
  • – Quad Highs
  • – 3-way passive crossover
  • – Same footprint as a W60 with less than 1mm of additional depth

ALO Audio’s proven hifi “Reference 8” cable geometry has been miniaturized for the ultimate IEM experience! Constructed of 8 conductors of Silver plated copper & OCC metallurgy, jacketed in high grade FEP and fabricated using individual fiber cores in a round weave, create a supple, soft, and flexible IEM cable. The result is an engaging, detailed, and high resolution reference presentation with an extended soundstage and extreme clarity.

Tech Specs:

  • – Length 1,230mm (4 feet)
  • – Each conductor 32awg x 8 yields provides an effective 23awg
  • – 4 x silver plated high purity OFC conductors
  • – 4 x bare Ohno continuous cast copper conductors
  • – Cryo-Fi processing

Utilizing a proprietary cryogenic audio profile, ALO submerses the cables in a full liquid immersion that has a very exact ramp down temperature to -190C. Over the period of 5 days, the cables are maintained at a very specific temperature for a set number of hours and then, in a carefully controlled process, are brought back up to ambient temperature.

ALO Cable and W80 Combination:

The combination of the Signature W80 with the ALO Reference Super 8 IEM Westone Edition Cable is a wider, deeper and a far more “holographic” presentation with improved dynamic range, increased micro details and enhanced black background. In addition, you will not only hear the improved clarity but you will feel the harmonic content within the music putting you in the recording studio of your favorite mastered tracks.

Large and small carry case made from ballistic nylon.

Large Case:

The right side is an open cavity with a velcro lining and dividers to customize the space for DAPs, amplifiers, or any other use the customer might have. This will initially hold the small case, the earphones with cable management system, and dividers.

The left side will have 3 equal cavities with a mesh opening to hold additional earphones, cables, or any other needs.

The divider is made from premium suede with a mesh pocket to hold money, SD cards, identification, etc.. There is also an elastic band that will hold the cleaning cloth.

Small Case:

  • – Identical outside design
  • – Interior made from premium suede to hold the W8 earphone for easy carrying.

In the box (preliminary):

  • – W80 Earphone
  • – Large Luxury Case
  • – Small Luxury Case
  • – Westone by ALO premium cable
  • – MFI cable with speaker and 3 button control
  • – Cable management System made of foam
  • – 8 metallic J-clips (Gold, Silver, Red, Blue)
  • – 20 tips (10 foam and 10 silicone)
  • – Hex Wrench
  • – Earwax removal tool
  • – Westone Cleaning micro cloth
  • – Desiccant Pouch

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