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    Westone W10 Earphones Gen 2
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Best set of earbuds for motorcycle riding

By Hector Marquez, Chino, CA

I bought the Westone UM PRO10s a couple of months back. I waited to write a review because I had originally read that it takes a little time to get used to. When I first put them on my first impression was that there wasn't enough sound or mainly bass. But then I realized how clear they were. You hear every sound that was recorded on the songs playing. Then I realized that some of the songs I had were just not good recordings hence the lack of bass. But I bought these puppy's to listen to when I ride.

I ride a Big Dog Chopper w/Vance & Hines pipes and no baffles. Needles to say it's loud. I wear an open face helmet and would typically get a lot of wind noise from my $30 headphones I originally had. The first time I rode and I knew these were for me (using the triple flange sleeves). I didn't get any wind noise and the sound was excellent. It seams as if they sealed when I started to ride and the bass was no longer an issue. They definitely make riding awesome!!

And when I get off I don't have that ringing in my ears that I would get before. I would say that these buds will help to save your hearing even if you don't listen to anything just having them in your ears will cut the wind noise. Plus you still hear the outside world enough for safety. They are not noise canceling. 

They are worth the money.

Hector Marquez

Chino Hills, CA 

Best Motorcycle Headphone Experience

By Michael N, Spokane, WA

I have spent hundreds of dollars over the past three years looking for a solution that would allow me to listen to music on my motorcycle while protecting my hearing. I have tried a variety of helmet speakers alone and in combination with a variety of ear plugs. The audiologist who fitted my custom molds says I have "petite" ear canals. As a result, no earphones and few earplugs (not even her custom molds) would stay in place when I pulled my helmet over my head and ears. Honestly, when I called Earphone Solutions several weeks ago after doing an internet search I was not really expecting to hear anything new. I explained my situation to the gentlemen who answered my phone call -- it turned out he also has small ear canals, and rides a motorcycle. His unequivocal recommendation led me to take a leap of faith and order a pair of Westone UM PRO 10 canal headphones 

Eureka! This last weekend I experienced motorcycle nirvana. Riding through a beautiful fall scene, enveloped in silence broken only by the music coming from my mp3 was what I have been seeking for years. Heaven. Wonderful music, completely comfortable, well positioned in my ears despite being subjected to the helmet being pulled on. And great protection from destructive sounds of other vehicles, wind noise, etc. Thank you for your great customer service. The purchase was quick and easy, shipping very fast. Overall, a great transaction. From one very happy customer; 

Michael N

Spokane, WA

When it comes to earphones under a helmet, it's all about cable design and low profile. For that reason the models we listed here are unbeatable and they fit just fine under my Shoei full face helmet.