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Collection: Small Ears & Kids

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We offer an outstanding collection of kids earphones, with specially designed earbuds for small ears. Today’s kids are a lot sharper and a lot savvier than their tech-turtle parents were at their age.


They're tuned-in and plugged in. They know their stuff, and it's the good stuff that they like. Our pick as best earphones for small ears and kids (in any price range), is the Westone UM PRO 10. We rate the UM PRO 10 most preferred in comfort, fit and sound for small ears.

Here’s what twelve-year-old Victor had to say about the UM PRO 10. 

Here’s what an Earphone Solutions dad has to say about the UM1:

“Back when my son was six years old, he started using the big size headphones during audio therapy. When he turned seven he asked for an iPod, and since then he has been listening to his own library—he has a surprisingly eclectic taste in music. His headphones were a Sennheiser HD470. He looked like an astronaut and always complained of fatigue due to the size, weight and heat in the ears. When he turned nine, after testing all the earphones we carry, we decided on the UM1 (now replaced by the UM PRO 10 for its even more comfortable design). They felt the most comfortable and were the most gentle earbuds for small ears. The sound was also the best in the shape and size. He immediately forced his HD470 headphones into retirement and since then, the UM1 is all he listens to. He is now eleven years old and sometimes commutes to school listening to his iPod Shuffle and his UM1 in-ear earphones—when there is nothing cool to talk about with mom.”

Based on personal experience, along with results from our in-house testing of the various models, we recommend the Westone 1 for kids ages seven and older. Because of their shape and size, the W1 are great earbuds for small ears, for both children and adults. They’re also an ideal option for listening to soothing music while you sleep. With their incredible low profile, nothing feels like it’s being pushed out or pulled in when you rest your head on your pillow. And unlike cheap earbuds that force you to crank up the volume to compete with background noise, the Westone 1 blocks up to 44dB of external noise allowing wearers to enjoy their music at a lower volume.

For a low cost alternative that’s both fun and comfortable, we recommend the PFE012 earbuds. These are small and comfortable for kids although not as ergonomically designed as the Westones but at a more affordable price. All these earphones will fit children ages seven and up and are compatible with the iPod, iPhone, portable DVD players, Sony PSP, Xbox, Nintendo DS and more.