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I was watching Social Network (the movie about Facebook) and it sparked in me the idea of ranking the best headphones for studying. The film showed how the programmers would enter and remain in "the zone" with their earphones and headphones while programming.


I then thought that I too find myself being more productive while working when I have my earphones on. The best earphones and headphones to get in the zone needed to be comfortable, produce a sound that would not be too fatiguing (usually earphones with emphasized highs will fatigue your ears quicker) and definitely provide better than average sound isolation. So I made my picks for best headphones for studying and working on four different price ranges plus one option for those that prefer a full-size headphone to an in-ear earphone design (I personally prefer the in-ear earphone design).

Based on the above criteria, here we rank our top choices. The other concern I had when trying these for studying and working was that no sound would leak out to classmates, colleagues, etc. so they would work perfectly in libraries, cubicles and other quiet places (I realize some cubicles are far from quiet :)).

We hope you like our top choices for best headphones for studying. We have been testing, rating and ranking high-end in ear earphones since 1995 (yes, before the iPod even existed :)).

If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to call us at 1-888-473-9661 and we will be glad to help you with your selection that will best fit your personal requirements. Thank you!