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With H2O Audio, Earphone Solutions finally brings all water sport enthusiasts these awesome products to waterproof your iPod, your cell phone and combine them with H2O's waterproof headphones. Laird Hamilton knows better!


These are absolutely awesome! I used to swim when I was a kid and it's a great exercise and all, but it IS boring! This afternoon I took Phil Collins along for a swim and I rediscovered swimming. It got me so pumped that I had to post this on the site today. It was an "out-of-body" type experience. The sound was great under water - it fades out once you go more than 3 feet deep - but you never do when swimming. For surfers, swimmers or any water sport enthusiasts or just chilling with the babe at your favorite beach spot, these earphones will give you a different experience: listening to music where you never did before.

The sun beckons you. The water calls your name. It’s difficult to even glance out the window without envisioning yourself in the water; swimming, stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing, or snorkeling. Of course, a day in the water is even better when you can bring your favorite music along. Imagine listening to “Ocean” by Led Zeppelin while snorkeling with the sea turtles in Maui or enjoying “The Heart of the Sea” by Flogging Molly as you sail along the Florida coast.

This set of waterproof headphones is rated for water depths up to 12 feet and is a great choice for swimming, snorkeling, or other water adventures that reach a moderate depth. The design boasts low fluidic drag, solid and sturdy construction, and a tight fit that doesn’t move around the ear.

The patented sportwrap design is perfect for active lifestyles in need of waterproof headphones. The ergonomic design sits flush with your ear and aligns the earbud with the ear canal for minimal drag and superior sound. The latest sound technology combines crystal clear audio with improved bass quality to bring full enjoyment to your favorite water sports.

We have a variety of headphones that are ideal for a wide range of water sports. Each combines state-of-the-art audio technology with a completely waterproof system. You can rest assured you won’t have to leave your favorite music behind when you hit the water.


Some of our favorite waterproof headphones include:


  • Trax Custom Fit Waterproof Headphones The Trax Custom Fit Headphones allow you to take your music anywhere and are a perfect choice for an invigorating swim or stand up paddle boarding session. The custom fit is possible thanks to a unique memory wire that holds shape to your head, allowing for very little movement of the earbud in your ear.


  • Flex Waterproof Headphones You can truly customize these headphones to fit both your active lifestyle and your ears. Three sizes of Elastomer ear plugs allow you to select the size that will provide the best fit and most music enjoyment. You can workout harder and enjoy the sun longer with these headphones. All they need is a quick rinse and they’re ready for your next adventure.


Since summer is sneaking up on us quickly it is certainly time to consider your waterproof headphone needs. Which water sports are your favorites? What features are most important to you in a waterproof headphone?