Westone W20 Dual Driver Earphones Gen 2
Westone W20 Dual Driver Earphones Gen 2
Westone W20 Dual Driver Earphones Gen 2
Westone W20 Dual Driver Earphones Gen 2
Westone W20 Dual Driver Earphones Gen 2
Westone W20 Dual Driver Earphones Gen 2
Westone W20 Dual Driver Earphones Gen 2
Westone W20 Dual Driver Earphones Gen 2

Westone W20 Dual Driver Earphones Gen 2

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  • – Sensitivity: 117 dB SPL @ 1 mW - what does this mean? The higher this number the "louder" it will play at a certain volume setting. 107 db is an excellent number.
  • – Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 18 kHz
  • – Impedance: 33 ohms @ 1 kHz - what does this mean? The lower the number the less power it requires. 30 ohms is considered very efficient.
  • – Noise attenuation: 25 dB
  • – Drivers Config: Dual balanced armature drivers with 2-way crossover
  • – Weight: 0.445 ounces / 12.7 grams
  • – Cables: EPIC replaceable cable and MFI G2 cable
  • – Cable: 50cm / 128 cm
  • – Additional features: STAR silicone tips, True-Fit tips, cleaning tool, monitor vault and 2-year warranty when you buy from Earphone Solutions

The W20 comes with 2 sets of cables; one for audio and the other with mic and controls for the iPhone. The W20 is part of the W-Series of earphones from Westone that features state-of-the-art balanced armature drivers with an advanced crossover design. The detail and clarity provided by the W20 is unmatched and enhances any listening experience.

This dual driver earphone will make any audio recording sound even better! Notable features of the W20 sound profile include:

separate bass and high frequency drivers that are balanced for incredible detail.

a two way crossover design that provides an even sound that isn’t congested or cluttered.

a sonic purity that exceeds expectations and is unbeatable when compared to other dual driver universal earphones.

A W20 purchase includes two replaceable cables and a MMCX connector that makes changing the cables quick and easy. The EPIC cable is made of flexible tensile wire and contains a specially designed aramid fiber. This fiber provides increased acoustic transparency, durability, and noise isolation. The Apple MFi cable has a microphone and a three button control system that allows users to receive phone calls, play and pause the music, and control the volume without accessing the iPhone’s screen.

The W20 model comes with three sets of interchangeable faceplates (red, black, and blue) so users can customize the earphones to fit their personalized preferences. The W20 also offers Westone’s True-Fit technology and five pairs of True-Fit foam tips and five pairs of STAR silicone sleeves. The variety of tips promises that all users will be able to find the perfect fit. A W20 purchase also includes a Westone Vault Monitor and a specialized cleaning tool.

A purchase from Earphone Solutions can be trusted! We ensure that Westone will honor the two year manufacturer’s warranty designed to protect a customer’s investment in the W20 earphones.

Our Rating

The W20 is a dual balanced armature driver. Like its brother W10, they are very comfortable and provide a flush fit; they will not fall off of when you go for your morning run or if you are stuck on a long flight and just want to sleep. They can be worn underneath a full face helmet and will provide a great seal, just as long as you choose the right sleeves for you. It offers a sound signature that incorporates more bass and more subdued highs. The mids are clear and in just the right amount.

I found the sound to be incredibly detailed which allowed me to enjoy and analyze parts of my favorite songs I may not have noticed before. Read more of our Review of Westone W20 by Jeff Browand, Comercial Pilot.

Regarding W20 Customers' Reviews: We transferred all customer product reviews from the predecessor W2 over to the page of the new W20 due to the similar configuration (2-way crossover, dual drivers). The new W20 now includes 2 cables: MFI Music Control for iPhone and a new improved braided cable for audio only. During A/B tests between the W2 and the W20, we can assure you there is a big upgrade in sound quality possibly because of upgraded new drivers, different 2-way crossover tuning, drivers placement (which can change sound a lot) and new shell acoustics. All customer reviews dated before October 18, 2013 are for the predecessor W2 model. All customer reviews posted after October 18, 2013 are for the new W20.

Features iPhone Compatible - Music Only or Listen to Caller,iPhone Compatible - Music and Hands-Free Call with Microphone Cable,Removable Cables,Top Rated,Dual-Driver

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