At Earphone Solutions we are constantly improving the product mix we offer our customers. Our goal is to provide you with a curated selection of the best headphones available. We have been selecting the best earphones since 1995.

Along the years we have found that our mission was to help our customers choose the best solutions for their need. These manufacturers are the most reliable, build quality wise, customer support before and after sales, warranty and commitment to improve their final product. They are always in pursue of the finest sound, comfort and quality with endless research and development.


At Earphone Solutions we believe that customers and visitors that come to our site, want us to share our experience with them offering only the best by eliminating the noise from the selection process, which sometimes can be very overwhelming. This means that we are always bringing new lines and dropping those that do not align with our vision of what an excellent experience should be. We see our manufacturers as an extension of our company and if you experience any difficulties in dealing with any of them we want to hear about it.

We strongly believe that offering thousands of items by dozens of different manufacturers does not help anyone. Especially when we can clearly see that, after years of experience, the manufacturers we decided to stick with are truly the ones committed to our mutual customers, providing a as seamless as possible experience between end user, Earphone Solutions and manufacturer. They are also very committed to Earphone Solutions and for that reason we continue to promote them. When you need help from one of our manufacturers, be sure that we will be calling them up on your behalf, whenever necessary. Just drop us an email.