By Nicole Trein

When comparing the SE315 and the PFE 122 one thing I can certainly say that these two share is brilliant highs! On both earphones the highs were crisp and clear. Difference is on the SE315 they were also deep and rich whereas on the PFE122 they are brighter and forward.

The SE315 has a slight bit more bass than the PFE122. But in both earphones I believe the bass could be more apparent. During songs with more intense instrument loaded parts the PFE122 got a little muffled. The Shure SE315 can handle loud songs more easily. I did like the smooth transitions of the Audeo PFE 122. It the sound itself is subtle so there are never any abrupt changes or choppy progressions. The sound on the PFE122 sounded a bit more synthetic and edited. Very clean cut and meticulous. The SE 315 was more raw and natural.

I preferred listening to artists like The Killers with the PFE122 whereas on the SE315 I was more for a little U2 because it has more of that classic rock raw instruments and vocals combo.

The cables on the PFE122 are more comfortable than the rough cable on the SE315. I like the build of the PFE122 better because it’s smaller and light weight although for exercising the secure fit of the SE315 is more reliable. The PFE122 is better for travel and casual listening and has the added bonus of the microphone to take calls with your iPhone or Android phone, hands-free.

All in all, both of these have great highs and awesome balanced sound and both are very comfortable. In the end I would choose the PFE 122 over the SE315 just because I liked the confort, lightness and added benefit of a microphone for calls and a play / stop button on the cable.