By Nicole Trein

The SE215 and W1 (replaced by the much improved W10)are both so great especially given their price ranges. It's hard to pick between the 2. But I can pick out their differences. They have very distinct sound signatures.

The SE 215 is a powerful sound emitter. It is intense, loud, and has a kicking bass. Definitely something that would get me pumped up for the gym! Listen to some LMFAO and Nicki Minaj with the SE215 and I would surely make it through a grueling workout session.

The fit is very different between these 2. The SE215 bigger and bulkier and didn’t fit well on me because of my small ears. The W1s were very small and fit like the perfect puzzle piece. One of the best fits I’ve found so far in both Shure and Westone products.

The Westone 1 have better highs and mids. I listened to Adele and John Mayer and the ballads sounded amazing. The bass isn’t nearly as strong as in the Shure SE215. I loved how vocals and solo instruments sound on the W1s though. The W1 don’t muffle as much as the SE215 does at louder volumes, it probably has something to do with the bass. Both are very detailed and clean for being single drivers. I liked the detachable cable on the SE215. It was a great add on for such a low cost. 

The choice between these is very personal since you have to pick your preference between vocals and balanced highs or a rich bass.

In the end, sound-wise, the SE215 hit all the right notes for me. But since my ears are smaller than average the best comfort and fit without a doubt comes from the Westone 1.