What an exciting opportunity to review two state of the art earphones. I was thrilled to receive these models and test them out with my favorite music. I put the two earphones through their paces with an identical playlist representing a variety of different genres. I tried to listen to the two models back-to-back on a single song to ensure I was able to accurately compare.

Here is what I found:

Westone UM PRO 10 The UM PRO 10 came with five sets of foam tips and five sets of silicone sleeves. I took some time to test the different sizes and materials to make sure I had a tight seal. I didn’t want an improper fit to impede my listening. I first noticed a subtle bass that balanced nicely with the mids and highs. It didn’t feel like the sound profile was either too top heavy or that it relied too much on a full bass sound. The single armature driver provided a clear sound that made it seem like I was hearing the songs for the first time. The tight seal enhanced the noise isolation capabilities and I was able to listen to the music without being distracted by any ambient noise. The fit was comfortable and I appreciated the UM PRO 10’s low profile.

Shure SE 215 I was able to find a proper fit quickly and get right to the music. I settled on one of the foam earphone tips and secured them firmly to the back of my ears with the integrated ear hook. The dynamic driver of the SE215 delivered a very full bass sound. I was able to clearly hear the mids and highs but they seemed to be dwarfed by the bass at times. On some songs it seemed impossible to find an even, balanced sound profile and the bass seemed to get in the way. However, if you love a rich and full bass this may be just the product for you.

My Verdict Although I enjoyed listening on each earphone model I was more impressed with the sound produced on the UM PRO 10. The detail in the mids and highs was far clearer than with the SE 215. The Shure model was just too heavy on the bass for my liking and I preferred the clear sound and details of the music on the UM PRO 10. Once I achieved a complete seal with the UM PRO 10 its bass performed well and balanced nicely with the mids and highs. The final selling point for me is that the UM PRO 10 is made right here in the United States! The UM PRO 10 is an incredible product at an affordable price; you can’t beat this quality for under $150.