By Jeff Browand - Commercial Pilot

I was eagerly anticipating the opportunity to test the UM Pro 30 earphones. I have previously worn the UM Pro 10s and was looking forward to hearing this model with three drivers from the UM Pro line. I was hoping to enjoy some of my favorite songs with a rich, full sound and the UM Pro 30s held up well to my expectations.

There are a variety of features that help the UM Pro 30s stand out from the competition:

  • The bass is rich and full and provides plenty of punch and articulation. It had a clear drive and lots of action in many of the up tempo songs I enjoyed. I noticed that the bass didn’t interfere with the mids’ sound and stood alone with a deep presence.

  • The mids were crisp and full without overpowering the rest of the sound profile. I thought they possessed a natural tone that was pleasing and easy to enjoy.

  • I liked the moldable memory wire in the cable. It is flexible and quickly molded to the shape of my ear for a secure fit. The earphones are exceedingly comfortable in any listening situation including long periods of wear.

  • The different sizes of True Fit foam tips and STAR silicone sleeves gave me plenty of options to find the ideal fit. The mid-sized silicone sleeves provided a deep, tight fit that was both comfortable and secure.

  • I like that the earphones come with the classic Westone orange monitor vault for storage. This vault protects the earphones and helps me secure them during travel or when not in use.

  • The earphone’s construction seemed solid, sturdy, and able to withstand ongoing regular use. The components appear to be high quality while contributing to an excellent overall listening experience.

  • I’ve always appreciated that the UM Pro line is made in the USA. I like to buy American when possible and am thankful Westone provides a Made in the USA product.

However, I did find several drawbacks to the UM Pro 30s:

  • Unlike the Westone W series, the Um Pro series doesn’t come standard with the Apple control cable. The addition of this cable would have made the UM Pro 30s even more versatile and allowed me the convenience of controlling my iPhone via the earphone’s cable.

  • The overall sound seemed thick at times. If a song had an excess of instrumentation it was hard to tell the instruments apart.

  • The highs lacked presence and it felt as if they were being pushed behind the heavier mids and lows. This resulted in a darker sound that seemed to lack brightness at the top.

Overall, I would recommend the Westone UM Pro 30s if you like a darker sound that favors the mids and bass. Depending on the type of music you prefer you may find that the sound profile isn’t the best fit for your tastes. If a darker sound is not your cup of tea, I would recommend the Westone W30s. They will enhance your listening and bring your favorite songs to life.