"Great prices. Great service. Great reviews.
Easy, smooth transactions. Thanks!"

“My earphones stopped working after a year and a half. I emailed Earphone Solutions and a minute later not exaggerating I received an email with the copy of my invoice and the instructions to receive a free warranty replacement from the manufacturer. Outstanding service!”


Earphone Solutions is ecstatic that you have decided to visit us. There are many reasons why Earphone Solutions is the leading purveyor of the highest quality headphones for the best prices, guaranteed (we mean other than the fact that we're the leading purveyor of the highest quality earphones for the best prices, guaranteed). At Earphone Solutions we understand the importance of trust, especially when it comes to conducting your business transactions. When you shop with us, you can be assured that reliability and exceeding our customers expectations are our top priorities. We’ve listed some of our favorites below:

1) 100% Manufacturer Warranty Covered Products

2) We Personally Test & Review Every Product. Speaking of reviews, we write our own. Our goal is to help you navigate the extensive and confusing world of headphones by offering solutions, rather than simply bombarding you with products. By combining our superior expertise with extensive testing, we determine which headphones truly help you rock out. Only the best of the best make it on our site, and they are accompanied by honest reviews that outline the good, the bad and the ugly of each pair. We don’t sell what we wouldnt buy ourselves. For more information about this unique process, see our Headphone Reviews page.

3) An Authorized Dealer with LOW, LOW PRICES! We’re practically giving them away. As an authorized dealer, you know you’re receiving the real deal with the manufacturers warrantee, guarantee, and first born child. Unfortunately, all great things come with great responsibility. Due to manufacturer restrictions, we have some restrictions on how low we can go with prices. However, if you find a competitor (authorized dealers only, please) offering a lower price we will so beat it for you.

4) Award Winning Service. We love a good wisecrack here at Earphone Solutions, but what we’re really interested in is selling you the best headphones for the best deals with superior customer service. We have been awarded with a Top Service designation by the Yahoo! Shopping Merchant Rating System (ahem that would be for eight years running, based on customer feedback). We have also been recognized for providing Outstanding Service by Irate and ShopZilla, and for Five Star Customer Service and Satisfaction by PriceGrabber. And our mothers tell us we’re special every day. Please excuse us while we go brush dirt of our shoulders.

5) Small Company = Personalized Service. Part of the reason our customer service has maintained its high level of excellence is because we are a small company that works to accommodate our customers individual needs. We are real people who really listen to you and respond to you personally (really). We only send automated emails to customers concerning status changes in order processing; everything else from our phone system to our service is run by real-life human beings! We pride ourselves with our honesty and responsiveness, and we are committed to assisting anyone who needs help, whether they are purchasing from us or not.

6) We Withstand the Test of Time. We’ve been around since 1995, and before that we were affiliated with our parent corporation founded in 1964 and our family tradition in the music business dates back to 1928

7) Quick. We are dedicated to filling your order quickly, accurately and with unmistakable finesse.

8) We Respect Your Privacy.Every order made through Earphone Solutions will be completely secure. We do not share your information with anyone, and the only emails you will receive from us will be responses to your inquiry or a special coupon or discount. The garbage can is for the bad headphones we test; we will not confuse it with your inbox. We don’t like spam, and we do not believe in using it as a marketing tool.

9) Prompt Responses.You can easily reach us toll free at: 1-888-473-9661. We promptly return all messages, and will not leave you hanging without an answer.

10) We Abide by the Golden Rule. We treat you the way we want to be treated as consumers: with cordiality and the utmost respect.


"I order approximately $125,000.00 of merchandise annually for both personal and business purposes. I order factory direct as well as via vendors. In the 8 years or so I have ordered merchandise this way, I have to tell you that you and your firm are far and away the best I have ever dealt with.

Initially, I was drawn to your firm because of a ridiculously low price for the Shure E5c earphones. They arrived in two days (from FL to CA) and I found them to be new, sealed and fabulous, even as compared to my E2c phones. After less than a week, one of the ear pieces cracked. I phoned your customer service line and was told to leave a message for a callback. This is usually a terrible sign, as one often never hears back. In this case, I was contacted in less than half an hour!

Your representative was understanding, friendly and very helpful. He asked that I send back the damaged set, and when he received them, he would send out a new set. I settled down for a two or three week wait. Less than a week after the initial phone call, a new set of phones arrived; again, brand new and in a sealed package.

It is rare to find service AND value in the same place. You guys have done it!

Feel free to use anything I said here for whatever purposes you might wish.

Marc A. R., MD"