Grado SR80e Headphones

Grado SR80e Headphones

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  • Vented diaphragm
  • Non Resonant air chamber
  • Standard copper voice coil wire
  • Standard copper connecting cord
  • mini plug with 1/4" adaptor
  • Transducer type: dynamic
  • Operating principle: open air
  • Frequency response: 20-20
  • SPL 1mV: 98
  • Normal impedance: 32 ohms
  • Driver matched db: .1
  • Detachable Cable: No
  • Speaker Type: Dynamic
  • Sensitivity at 1kHz: 98dB SPL/mW
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Earcup Type: Full-size
  • Frequency Range: 20-22,000HZ

  • By Che

    Everyone who loves music, whether an audiophile or just someone who likes to bee-bop to the iPod, should have a nice pair of versatile headphones. The headphones do not have to be outrageously expensive or bulky, but they should maintain the integrity of the music for your complete enjoyment and escape from the demands of everyday life (it just so happens that the demands of my everyday life include listening to music…it’s a hard knock life). The Grado SR80e headphones are for just that. They are a nice, mid-range set of headphones that pump out full and complex tunes with a fantastic range.

    In their category (that is, around $100, open-ear, small size) they are a superior set. The sound is delicious! The exceptional clarity will make music from your old phones sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher, the bass lends richness to the lower tones in the music, the highs are far from tinny, and everything in between is outstanding. In human speak, they sound stellar! Hip hop actually sounds better than some other genres, which is something I feel is rare in affordable headphones. None of that shaky junk with the bass. As usual, they require burn time to reach their full potential, but out of the box they sounded great. Two weeks later, the sound left me drooling…on my desk…the boss was not happy.

    Trouble in paradise? Not really, but nothing is perfect. They are a bit tight out of the box, which makes wearing them for extended periods of time somewhat uncomfortable (as in, brain fluid might start leaking out of your nose…no big deal…). I suggest that you try them on, see how they fit, and if they feel tight very carefully stretch them out with your hands a little at a time. Once you break them in, they’re perfectly comfortable and mold to your bag. Another problem that’s slightly more cumbersome is the open ear design. You will always leak more sound with open ear headphones than with the closed ear models, but these seem slightly excessive. Yes, the sound running to your ears is phenomenal, but unless the volume is barely on, people around you will most likely hear some of your tunes. This is not a problem for traveling on subways, trains, busses, etc., but if you’re in a quiet office you may want to consider that.

    In short, for this price, these babies are some of the best you will find. The sound quality is truly an exceptional value.

    This headphone has all the attributes of the SR60 with improved response. The SR80 is the winner of the “GOLDEN NOTE AWARD” presented by the Academy For The Advancement Of High End Audio, and has received Audio Video’s “HI-FI GRAND PRIX AWARD”. Sound: more open sound stage, improved bass response.

    • Upgraded Drivers
    • Improved bass
    • Open ear Design
    • Adjustable Headband
    • Copper Voice Coil and Cable

    1 Year warranty with Earphone Solutions Invoice. This product can only be shipped to the US.

    Features Open Earcup,Made in USA

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